Holiday 2020

Holidays bring excitement and joy. It’s an opportunity to celebrate and spend time with loved ones. After months of isolation, economic anxiety, and pandemic fatigue, it’s understandable that people are yearning for hugs, kisses, and time with family members. COVID-19 cases are on the rise, and we all must continue making sacrifices to keep everyone safe, […]

Politics & COVID-19

Take the politics out of COVID-19, people are hurting. Floridians have been cooperative and steadfast at maintaining social distancing and business closures during this difficult period. We’ve been failed by Congress and the U.S. Senate in getting an economic stimulus package approved. Voters must be vigilant during this election cycle to ensure they vote for […]

Social Distancing Blues in Children

In these uncertain times, many families are experiencing social distancing blues which is particularly harder for our kids. Young people are missing their friends, normal routine, and don’t have a sympathetic listener to share their feelings and problems with. As a parent, it can be difficult to tell the difference between sadness and depression – especially […]

Childhood Anxiety

As schools are re-opening, students are facing many challenges as they return amid COVID-19. The uncertainty is causing stress and anxiety not only for the teachers and parents, but also for the students. Anxiety can show up in different ways: upset stomach, sleeplessness, or trouble concentrating, and it will influence their classroom performance. Children who […]

Voting By Mail in 2020

As Election Day draws closer, it’s difficult to recall a presidential election for which the act of voting has been more controversial and confusing. Broward County is mailing out Vote-By-Mail informational cards to make sure your vote counts. Over 500,000 Vote-by-Mail ballots were mailed out. I urge you to complete your ballot and return it […]

Ruth Bader Ginsburg, an American Icon

On September 18th, we lost an American icon. Ruth Bader Ginsburg was a passionate, tireless trailblazer who championed justice and equality. Her life created an incomparable and indelible legacy that has paved the way for so many women. Ginsburg said, “I would like to be remembered as someone who used whatever talent she had to […]

Boys & Girls Club of Broward County

COVID-19 has put a strain on working parents like never before, and with the heightened stress level, they also have to worry about juggling work and providing for their children at home.  The Boys & Girls Club of Broward County (BGCBC) has stepped up to the plate and is a lifeline for many families by […]

Appointment of Judge Renatha Francis

Governor DeSantis recently announced Judge Renatha Francis appointment to the Florida Supreme Court on September 24, 2020, despite a lawsuit filed to block her appointment due to her missing the constitutional requirement of being a member of the Florida Bar for 10 years, which she will have on September 24th.  At a time when there […]

Hunger Action Month – Feeding South Florida

September is Hunger Action Month and taking action to end hunger is critical due to COVID-19. Did you know that 17.1%, or 333,925 people living in Broward County are food insecure? Sadly, more than 107,000 are children.  Hunger Action Month is your opportunity to be a part of a month-long movement that has a real […]

The Pandemic and Human Trafficking

Coronavirus and demonstrations for rights of people have been going on for months. But lurking in the dark is another scary pandemic being swept under the carpet; it’s Human Trafficking. This billion-dollar industry forcefully kidnaps children as young as 12. The National Center for Exploited/Missing Children reports child abductions increased 90.46% since the lockdown. The issues […]