Simone Biles, the Olympics, and Mental Health

Mental Health is on the rise and impacts everyone differently. This past week, Simone Biles, the world’s most decorated gold-medal-gymnast prioritized her mental health withdrawing from Olympic events, affirming her mind and body weren’t in sync. Simone’s brave actions were both applauded and hastily judged by those who have never dealt with mental health issues. […]

Genetically Modified Mosquitos

It’s rainy season in South Florida, which signifies mosquito season. Recently, the EPA approved the launch of a controversial project releasing genetically modified mosquitoes in the Florida Keys to battle disease-carrying mosquitoes, which would reduce the local population of these mosquitoes. Genetically modified mosquitoes are an alternative to insecticides, which are used heavily to control […]

COVID Spike and Home Rule

Since July 4th, Florida has seen a spike in COVID-19 positive cases, and we continue seeing thousands of new positive COVID-19 cases weekly. In May, Governor DeSantis issued an Executive Order restricting counties and municipalities from imposing COVID-19 restrictions or mandates upon individuals and businesses. Governor DeSantis must reinstate CDC guidelines and give the counties […]

Haiti’s President Assassinated

July 6th was a sad day for the country of Haiti and for all our Haitian brothers and sisters as their President Jovenel Moise was assassinated while he was sleeping and his wife First Lady Martine Moise, was severely injured due to the massive gunfire. This is why we need a permanent stance on Temporary […]

Hurricane Elsa Preparedness

Hurricane season began June 1st, and we were already impacted in Broward County with inches of rainfall and tropical storm force winds from Hurricane Elsa. South Florida definitely dodged a bullet this time. Residents cannot let their guard down and must get prepared now. Have your hurricane plan in place, stock up on food, water, […]

Summer Youth Programs

Summertime, kids are out of school, weather is beautiful, and with longer daylight hours, this is when police see an increase in juvenile crime. During June 15th’s Commission Meeting, I brought forward a motion to discuss implementing summer employment/internship programs for youth in Broward County. With the Commission’s unanimous support, I requested setting aside up […]

Disney Cruise Line

On May 18th, Broward County Commissioners unanimously approved Port Everglades request to begin formal discussions with Disney Cruise Line for a terminal and berthing agreement at the county’s cruise port. This move benefits Broward County financially by creating jobs, attracting more tourists, and generating more state and local tax dollars in South Florida. Adding Disney […]

Broward County Elected Mayor

On June 15th, Broward County Commissioners will determine whether to put the countywide elected mayor item on the ballot. An elected Mayor would give the county consistency in its representation for diplomatic visits, working with the governor’s office, lobbying for the airport, seaport, and representation in Tallahassee. Miami-Dade County does much better because they have […]

Juneteenth in Broward

Juneteenth commemorates the day in 1865 when the last remaining slaves in Texas were finally freed. Here in Broward, we understand the significance of this day and with the help of my colleagues, two resolutions were passed providing observance and education for Juneteenth in Broward County, which accounted for a plethora of Juneteenth celebrations. One […]

Palm Beach Toxic Water Supply

Climate change is real and has been found to promote the growth of harmful algal blooms in our water supply because of warmer water temperatures, changes in salinity, changes in rainfall patterns, intensifying of coastal upwelling, and sea level rise. Last week, Palm Beach issued a drinking water advisory for very high-levels of blue-green algae […]