Vaccine Misinformation

After 13 long months of COVID, we’re still longing for normalcy. Unfortunately, this cannot happen until everyone gets vaccinated and we’re past the misinformation of the vaccine. COVID-19 vaccines have been tested in tens of thousands of people and are held to the same safety standards as all vaccines. Most vaccine recipients reported no side-effects […]

Teen Programs

As summer is approaching, we need to ensure there are a plethora of programs in place for our youth to engage in that are accessible and affordable, ensuring kids from every community can participate. Youth programs must be flexible, offer variety of learning skills, outdoor activities, and life skills. We also need local businesses to […]

PPP Funding

Women and minority owned small businesses are having a hard time accessing the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) funding. It’s recommended that you work with your CPA/Accountant when applying for the PPP funding and filling out the required paperwork to ensure accuracy and a quicker approval process. For businesses applying for their second round of PPP […]

Lack of Healthcare Access Affecting Minority Communities

We know hospitals and emergency rooms are overburdened with COVID-19 patients causing people who are experiencing mild symptoms to be sent home without proper treatment because they are not considered sick enough, or there are not enough beds. Unfortunately, this is sorely affecting the minority and African-American communities. As a nursing professional, hospitals must be […]

Bright Future Senate Bill 86

Florida Bright Futures is under attack by Sen. Baxley (R-Ocala), who has introduced SB 86 requiring grants be reevaluated and funding limited to students that aren’t enrolled in one of their designated “degree programs.” This bill would not only affect current recipients, but also all High School Juniors and Seniors who have worked tirelessly, taking […]

C-51 Reservoir Groundbreaking

A regional collaboration broke ground on the first phase of the C-51 Reservoir to provide an alternate water supply source for Eight public water utilities in South Florida. When complete, it will serve the region by storing excess wet-season stormwater for later use during the dry-seasons to recharge the Biscayne Aquifer, the primary source of […]

Is the CARES Act Funding Enough?

On March 27, 2020, Congress passed the CARES Act due to the impact of COVID-19, but is it enough with the continuing economic downfall we’re still enduring? Millions of Americans are jobless, kid’s daycares and schools are closed, making it difficult to work and impossible to provide for their families. In Broward, the Median Household […]

Teacher’s Pay

Currently, Florida ranks 46th nationwide for average teacher salaries, which is over $12,000 below the national average. Our educational system lags behind others due to low salaries, difficult working conditions, and a lack of career pathway opportunities. Until we begin incentivizing young people to choose a career in education, we will not have the strength […]

2021 Tax Season

2020 was a year like no other, and tax season will be no exception. The federal income tax season officially opens February 12th and thanks to the coronavirus, a lot has changed for the 2021 tax season. That’s why you need to start thinking about your tax situation now while you still have time on […]

First Female Vice President

As a woman of color, it was historic to witness Kamala D. Harris being sworn in as vice-president, becoming not only the first woman to hold this office, but also the first African-American and first Asian to do so. Harris’s inauguration marks a turning point in American history.  Last year marked the centennial celebration guaranteeing […]