Disaster Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday

Since we’ve all been focused on the pandemic, it’s easy to forget that hurricane season begins Tuesday, June 1st and ends Sunday, November 30th. As Floridians, it’s important to take time now to stock-up on emergency supplies and have a plan in place to stay safe during storm season. The 2021 Disaster Preparedness Sales Tax […]

County Mask Update

The CDC announced that fully vaccinated people no longer need to wear a mask or socially distance in most settings, except as required by federal, state, and local laws. Despite the CDC update and the Governor’s executive order, masks are still required at the airport, seaport and on all public transportation. National retailers and local […]

Woodlands Country Club Land Amendment Decision

Woodlands Country Club is facing turbulent times since the Broward County Land Use Plan amendment allowed Woodlands to be rezoned from recreational to residential granting a brand-new development of 398 homes to be built where the Country Club was. An overwhelming number of Tamarac residents verbally opposed this development during the May 5th Commission Meeting, […]

FIU Chosen for Broward County Redistricting

Pursuant to the Broward County Charter, the County is required to hire a college or university to redraw County Commission districts. We’ve received extraordinary and equally qualified proposals from the University of Florida (“UF”), Florida International University (“FIU”), and Florida Atlantic University (“FAU”) for this position. As a three-time FIU panther alumna, I am proud […]

Film Industry in Broward County

For years, Broward County has been used by many members in the film, commercial, and television industry. We continuously have corporations and people utilize our Fort Lauderdale beach and our destination but it’s constantly being called Miami when in reality, it isn’t. Broward County needs its own independent film industry commissioner and advisory board that […]

Kathleen C. Wright

Dr. Kathleen C. Wright was an extraordinary leader and role model. She served in over 30 different leadership positions and worked hard to bring changes to Broward County’s African-American communities, improve education, and inspire activism. Dr. Wright tragically passed away at the young age of 49, but her impact and legacy still lives on today. […]

LGBT Small Businesses

Broward County is one of the most diverse regions in the country and with a large population and wide variety of minority groups, we value diversity in race, ethnicity, religion, gender identity and sexual orientation. Broward County is committed to providing all businesses fair and equal opportunities to compete for all County contracts. I have […]

Women’s Equal Pay

Equal pay for equal work still isn’t a reality for many women in the workforce today. And with COVID-19 still affecting all of us, there remains a disparity in how men and women are paid when all compensable factors are controlled, meaning that women are still being paid less than men due to no attributable […]

Vaccine Misinformation

After 13 long months of COVID, we’re still longing for normalcy. Unfortunately, this cannot happen until everyone gets vaccinated and we’re past the misinformation of the vaccine. COVID-19 vaccines have been tested in tens of thousands of people and are held to the same safety standards as all vaccines. Most vaccine recipients reported no side-effects […]

Teen Programs

As summer is approaching, we need to ensure there are a plethora of programs in place for our youth to engage in that are accessible and affordable, ensuring kids from every community can participate. Youth programs must be flexible, offer variety of learning skills, outdoor activities, and life skills. We also need local businesses to […]